3 Time Management Tips for Moms

Taking care of yourself as a mom is important, but you have to make time in your life for it. Most moms have given up trying to make space in their schedules for doing the things they love, like getting a pedicure, shopping alone, or reading a new novel by their favourite author.

You may find yourself looking for more time to get everything done, shirking your needs to make others happy. But overworking oneself can lead to chronic stress, which according to Elizabeth Scott, a wellness coach and award-winning blogger, “is the damaging type of stress that we often hear about when we hear about the harmful effects of stress.”

Mothers owe it to their children to take care of their mental health—or happiness.  Recently, a new mom told me, “I need to take care of myself to take care of my baby.”  I (and the other moms in the group) were amazed at her wisdom, because it took most of us at least two children to figure that out.

When it comes to staying healthy for your family, you need to think about your mental health too. Overlooking your happiness can lead to poor mental health. It’s time to force hours into your schedule to do the things that make you happy. As a busy mom, you deserve some free time. Employ some of these time management tips and you’ll find that giving yourself some free time actually leads to greater productivity and an overall happy feeling.

Apply Method to the Madness

Moms who are chronically disorganized have the most difficulties when attempting to make more time for themselves. It’s hard to soak in a tub for a half hour when the bathroom is cluttered with children’s playthings, a clogged toilet, and the tub hasn’t been cleaned in over a week.

Don’t fret, you’re not alone. Many moms work so hard that household organization sometimes falls behind. Sometimes it’s the opposite and a house is so clean you can eat off the floor, but mom is way behind at work. Whatever madness you’re tackling, it’s time to get it organized.

Farm Out Responsibilities

Who says you have to do it all? If you add getting organized to the already full list of things you have to do, you’re never going to find a moment for yourself. It’s time to start assigning tasks to the kids and your partner. If your version of “me time” is shopping, then you’ll need about two hours of free time. If it’s at dinner time, don’t be afraid to ask your kids and partner to pitch in and you can head straight for the door.

If your idea of peace comes in the form of exercise, but your windows haven’t been washed in the better part of a month, employ the kids to wash them for you while you take a run. It’s time to stop trying to do everything around the house on your own.

Just Say No

Oftentimes, moms don’t say “no” enough. Teach yourself this excellent vocabulary word, because it’s your secret to more “me time.” If you want to take an hour for online shopping because you’ve just stumbled upon an amazing sale, but your kids are nagging you for a trip to the park, just say, “no.” Let your kids know that for this hour, you’re doing you.  Ask them to play by themselves or read to each other and then you can go to the park later.

You don’t have to be mean when you say “no.” Just be firm. If your family whines or begs, don’t give in. This is a healthy lesson for them. You’re a person with needs, and you deserve their respect.
You shouldn’t worry about disappointing others to the point it makes you neglect yourself.

Of all the tips in this list, saying no is the one mom most often overlooks. Unless a demand is absolutely necessary, it’s time to be firm, say no, and just do you for a while. Making time for yourself is going to make you a happier, more organized you and your family will love the new you just as much.

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