Book Review: What a Difference a Mom Makes

In his newest book What a Difference a Mom Makes: The Indelible Imprint a Mom Leaves on Her Son’s Life, best-selling author and psychologist Kevin Leman tackles mother son-relationships.  While I don’t have a son (yet), I’ve heard many great things about Dr. Leman, so I was curious about what he’d have to say.

Dr. Leman is both honest and encouraging.  I love his conversational style, the way he understands both moms and kids.  He shares from his personal experiences as a dad (with five kids) and from his professional experience as a psychologist.

In his first chapter, Dr. Leman talks about some of the things that make boys, well, boys.  He tells moms what their sons need from them—and why they are so important in their sons’ lives.  In the second chapter, Dr. Leman encourages moms to look ahead to their toddlers’ weddings—to the man they want their son to become and how they are going to help him get there.  Chapter three talks about parenting styles.  Chapter four gives moms more insight into their sons by looking at how birth order affects children.  In chapter five, Dr. Leman gives mom tools for discipline.

In the middle of the book, Dr. Leman delves more specifically into ages and stages.  Ages and Stages #1 covers things moms need to know about their sons from infant and toddler to early school age.  Ages and Stages #2 looks at boys during middle school and high school.  After that, Dr. Leman looks at how you respond to address and your son’s sexuality and then how you treat yourself as a woman and your son’s mom.  Chapter 10 looks at dads—your relationship with your husband or your son’s father.  Chapter 11 gives advice on balancing everything that’s required of a mom.  And then Dr. Leman wraps up with some encouragement for moms.

While Dr. Leman writes specifically for moms of sons, I found that a lot of his advice could be applied to any child.  At the same time, I liked the fact that he acknowledges that boys and girls are different, and our relationships with our children will be affected by their gender.  If I ever have a son, I plan to reread this book.  (In the meantime, I’ll probably lend it to all my friends with boys!)

Two of Dr. Leman’s chapters are condensed versions of his other books that made me want to look up those books: The Birth Order Book and Have a New Kid by Friday (next on my reading list).

Dr. Kevin Leman is the author of a whole bunch of other books, including several children’s books.  He’s appeared on radio and TV.  You can browse Dr. Leman’s other books on his website or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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