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Brittni Carey is a young writer who attended my alma mater. She requested a mentor through the univerity’s mentoring program and they sent her request to me. I’ve enjoyed chatting with her about the writing life and trying to answer her questions about being a writer. Here, I turned the questions around and asked her about writing!

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TKM: How did you become a writer?

Brittni: I was a reading-with-a-flashlight-under-the-covers kind of kid. They say to be a writer you need to read a lot, so I think that my love of reading spurred me on to create stories of my own. After a brief infatuation with science in junior high, I returned to my first love and decided to study English.

I was blessed with the opportunities to be part of a student writers’ group, a poetry workshop class, and the University newspaper, all of which stretched me and helped me to discover my voice. Through the encouragement and support of friends, teachers, and family, I’ve come to accept myself as a writer.

TKM: What inspires you to write?

Brittni: The time I feel most inspired to write is after I’ve witnessed someone else’s genius, whether that be a brilliant work of theatre, film, song, or anything else creative. Witnessing people as well: everyday life is full of beautiful and unique moments that will never come to pass again, and to capture even a fraction of that moment is the great art of a writer. Knowing that God doesn’t give gifts without reason, I find great inspiration in the fact that He’s guiding my writing and using it for His own good purpose.

TKM: Who is your favourite authour and why?

Brittni: Fyodor Dostoevsky. He somehow captures life in a way that resonates with me: a melding of the philosophical and the spiritual in everyday messed up situations. His insight into suffering hits hard and the complex psychology of his characters is engaging. Dostoevsky also had a fascinating life which is made apparent through the semi-autobiographical nature of some of his writings.

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More about Brittni Carey Brinn

Brittni Brinn was born Brittni Ann Carey in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied English and Drama at Concordia University of Edmonton before moving to Windsor, Ontario for graduate studies. She received her M.A. of Creative Writing in 2015. She co-hosted Hardcover: A Literary Podcast for two years and currently writes plays for Paper-Knife Theatre. Besides books, her interests include coffee, songwriting, and cyborgs.

The Patch ProjectShe has self-published her first novella, The Patch Project, on Amazon.

When most of the world inexplicably disappears overnight, only small patches of civilization remain.

May and Isak live on what used to be Holly Street. Since the Event, however, they have found themselves totally isolated, surviving day to day on what they can find in their pantry and their memories. May thinks that everything is going fine: apart from Isak’s weird disappearances and the humming only she can hear, they maintain a safe and secure existence surrounded by wasteland. Until one day, the phone rings…

After the Event, the convenience store became Ed’s home. Used to the busy life of a video game designer, the sudden lack of people and landscape around him is hard to deal with. Then, one day, he discovers that he can manipulate electronics using only his mind…

Pinot and Miller are on the run. They wander through the wasteland looking for supplies or anything smashable. Driven by Miller’s fear of retribution, they head west. Everything changes for Pinot when they come across an abandoned power station…

An introspective story about survival, identity, and memory, The Patch Project explores the need for connection and purpose in a sterile post-apocalyptic world.

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