The King’s Legacy by Jim Stovall

The King's Legacy by Jim StovallThe King’s Legacy: A Story of the Wisdom of the Ages by Jim Stovall is a parable about a king who wants to leave a legacy of his reign behind him. He calls his advisors and asks them for suggestions for a suitable legacy. One advisor recommends an unusual legacy: The Wisdom of the Ages. Thus begins the King’s search for this Wisdom.

All who wish to share their wisdom are invited to do so before the king, his nobles, and his wise men. As they listen to wisdom from a merchant, a soldier, and a poet, some feel they’ve already heard enough wisdom—surely one of these is the Wisdom of the Ages. Yet the King says the search must continue. Others feel some aren’t worthy of presenting Wisdom—that wisdom should come from those who have title or credentials.

In the end, the Wisdom of the Ages comes from a most unexpected source.

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More about The King’s Legacy

The King’s Legacy should be read slowly, as each brief chapter contains much to think on. It is a simple, short story, with old-fashioned, hand-drawn renderings of each person who presents their wisdom. At the end, it includes space for the reader to record their own wisdom.

The wisdom in several chapters jumped out at me. The Parent, the only woman in the story, says to the officials and nobles gathered in the Throne Room,

Each of you has my respect, my admiration, and my loyalty for the positions you hold and the duties you perform. But I submit to you that no one will impact the next generation and succeeding generations throughout this kingdom more than a parent.

A Labourer is one of those who seems unworthy present wisdom, yet he leaves each of his listeners looking at the Throne Room in a new manner when he says,

I have also learned that while I can apply my skill to my work with the stones, I cannot create a magnificent structure like this Throne Room by myself. The carpenters, stained-glass artists, and metalworkers all must do their part in order for us to be able to enjoy this wonderful Throne Room. Just as each stone on every level of a wall is critical to the integrity of that wall, each labourer from all the crafts must perform his task well in order to have a successful project.

More about Jim Stovall

Jim Stovall has written a powerful parable that will be treasured by many—his own legacy for our society. He is the bestselling author of 15 books, including The Ultimate Gift, which has been made into a 20th Century Fox major motion picture. He has shared the stage with Zig Ziglar, Christopher Reeve and others. You can find out more about him on his website or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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