5 Reasons to Install a Hunter Fan in Your Home Today

There are times in our lives when buying furniture and appliances is an extremely important thing. Maybe we’re moving, relocating, or redecorating. Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to get something relatively inexpensive but also high-quality and long-lasting. When it comes to ceiling fans, there’s only one brand that can check all those boxes: Hunter Fans. Hunter Fan is an investment in quality. Here are five reasons to get a Hunter Fan today.

5 Reasons to Install a Hunter Fan in Your Home Today. Photo of woman sitting in cozy living room under a large ceiling van by visualsofdana on Unsplash.

Why You Need a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is not just a décor item in your home; it’s also very practical. Ceiling fans help improve the air circulation in your home, which can greatly help with both heating and cooling your home.

For example, our previous home had a ceiling fan over the dining room table, which was also near to the large patio door. In the hot summer, this fan helped circulate cooler air throughout the home. Using fans and windows to circulate air in your home can reduce your need to rely on air conditioning systems  and thereby reduce your electricity rate.

If you have floor or desk fans in your home, a ceiling fan is a great upgrade. Ceiling fans are out of the way (no more worries about your toddler stuffing his toys into the fan and no more tripping over long fan cords). You don’t have to put them away at certain seasons and get them out at other seasons; they are simply ready when you need them.

Here are more reasons why you should consider installing a Hunter ceiling fan in your home.

Unique Designs

Everyone likes something unique in their house. If you’re looking for something that will stand out, a ceiling fan is the way to go. Hunter Fans are well known for their unique, designer ceiling fans. Whether it’s a rustic twist on a traditional fan or a sleek, metal finish on something more modern, they have a wide variety from which to choose.

Unique furniture can add a personal touch and some personality to any space. Lighting can also play a role here. Most ceiling fans have some type of lighting with a variety of different light holders. This can be anything from a chandelier-style light to a nautical-style/lantern light fixture. Combining any of these light fixture designs with any type of ceiling fan will result in a unique piece that will not only impress guests but become the centerpiece of your room for a long time to come.

Of course, when choosing a fan design, consider how easy it will be clean your new ceiling fan. Fans often hang above our heads so that we don’t notice the dust, grease and dirt accumulating there. It’s a good idea to dust or wash your fans annually.

Plenty of Accessory Options

One of the best things about ceiling fans is that you have a lot of different accessory options available to you. People love accessories. Whether it’s types of lighting or certain smart features, these accessories make luxury brands like Hunter one of the best in the business.

So, what type of accessories can you expect in a ceiling fan? Pull chains are one of the most common accessories. They come in a variety of lengths and styles, just as you would expect any ornamental feature to do.

There’s also a non-smart remote control (that uses RF frequencies) and light kits that you can use to change the lighting style on your ceiling fan. Finally, there are down rods that you can use to customize the length the fan sits as it comes down from the ceiling.

Innovative Smart Features

Smart features are the defining characteristics of most ceiling fans today. And Hunter Fans are no exception. In fact, these fans offer plenty of smart features for any preference. They also work with any style of fans, making them extremely versatile and varied. Ceiling fan lights come in all shapes and sizes. Most ceiling fans have between one and three lights, and you can use smart features to make them dimmable or turn them on and on.

More than that, you can set up a remote control through your smart device to take full advantage of the Internet of Things functionality with your ceiling fan. Using Wi-Fi and smart technology, you can control your ceiling fan with Google Home, Alexa, or a special app.

Quality Construction

The hallmark of any long-lasting appliance is quality construction. Luckily, you’ll get exactly that with a Hunter Fan ceiling fan. These fans are often made from the highest quality premium materials. Some of the wooden blades are even made from real wood. When they choose materials, they go with something that’s not going to droop or go bad after a long period of use.

Quality construction is critical when it comes to buying long-term furniture anyway, so you always want to search for brands that take it seriously. Fortunately, rest assured that their fans—whether you get a modern, rustic, indoor, or outdoor one—will be durable and last a long time.


In the wider world of appliances, warranties are one of the best things you can get. Unfortunately, many companies don’t warranty their product at all. Worse, poor quality work and construction of something can lead to significant problems as the product is being used.

So when you’re buying something that’s going to see a lot of use—like a ceiling fan, for instance—it’s critical to find out what kind of warranty information it offers. Luckily Hunter exits products with a limited lifetime warranty. That just means that if something happens to your fan throughout the course of its life, you can get the fan motor serviced by the company.

There are also limited warranties on smart features and lights, so you’ll need to check your documentation to see what applies to your fan.

5 Reasons to Install a Hunter Fan in Your Home Today. Photo of a white-toned living room with ceiling fan by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

Ultimately, getting a Hunter Fan ceiling fan is a worthy addition to any home and something you should consider next time you’re on the market for a ceiling fan.

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