Hair Loss in Men: a complete guide

According to the reports published by the American Hair Loss Association, nearly 85% of men witness noticeable and significant hair loss before turning 50. Several of the men in my family, including my brother, have faced this. (He dealt with it by simply deciding to shave his whole head.)

As a result, hair loss has taken over as one of the most prominent problems men face, and they are increasingly willing to take action to combat it (other than shaving).

Hair Loss in Men: a complete guide. Photo by Zoran Borojevic on Unsplash

Hair Loss Causes in Men

Looking out for and gaining appropriate knowledge about what causes hair loss in men is the first step to preventing it.

  • You can have a family history of hair loss. You can face hair loss if it is passed down to you by heredity. This is the case in my family, as most of the men on my mom’s side of the family have started losing hair at a young age.
  • Changes in hormones can also induce changes in our body, skin, and hair, causing unexplained hair loss periods (or other changes to hair). Therefore, it is essential to keep track of your hair loss to reach a definite conclusion. Hair loss could be an indication you need to see your doctor for some hormone testing.
  • Certain medical conditions are also responsible for giving rise to the incidence of increased hair loss. These include scalp infections, trichotillomania, and alopecia areata.
  • If you have recently started taking certain supplements or medications, it can also be an apparent cause of hair loss. In such cases, do not panic and wait for the dosage to complete.
  • Stressful situations can put tension on your hair follicles, making it difficult for them to stay functionally healthy and active for a long time, causing hair fall.
  • Undergoing different hair loss treatments or radiation therapy can be one of the most significant causes of permanent hair loss if your physician does not account for them.

Hair Loss Symptoms in Men

While everyone is aware of the hair loss symptoms in men, it is still essential to go through them to determine if the hair fall is permanent or will return to normal after a few days:

  • The central and topmost area of the head has visible hair thinning that has been present for more than a week.
  • Easily observable and sudden occurrence of patchy bald spots all over the head.
  • Loosening and thinning of hair without any explained reason or cause.
  • Experiencing hair loss in other body parts as well.
  • Visible scaling patches in the head.

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How to prevent hair loss in men

Now that we know everything about the causes and symptoms of hair loss in men, let us look at some of the practical and clinically proven preventive tips. Here’s how to prevent hair loss in men:

  • Do not tug your hair when it is still wet.
  • Always detangle your hair after washing and before brushing.
  • Do not use equipment like a hair dryer, hot roller, etc.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to reduce the stress on hair follicles.
  • Find alternatives for supplements that are responsible for hair loss.
  • Ditch smoking for a week and see if there’s any improvement in hair loss.
  • Do not expose your hair to sunlight for an extended period. Instead, take measures like a cap or scarf to cover your hair from ultraviolet rays when going out.
  • Consult your doctor if you have been facing this problem for more than a month.
  • Apply hot oil to your scalp and gently massage at least four times a month.
  • Keep a check on and gain complete knowledge of a hair treatment you are undergoing to be aware of its risks.
  • Do not let your hair sit in oil, grease, and dirt for a long time. Instead, wash your hair three to four times a week.


If you notice that your husband (or another male family member) is experiencing hair loss, you should probably mention your concerns to him. It may be a sensitive topic, but his hair loss could be pointing to underlying problems that can be treated and helped. It’s worth asking the questions and trying these tips to find solutions.

From the above discussion, hair loss mustn’t be a condition that is impossible to treat. In fact, with certain precautions and measures, it can be curbed and slowed down altogether.

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