Waiting for the Elevator with Laurie Berkner {CD review}

Family happens in the small moments—braiding hair together before bed, having tickle fights while movie credits run, singing silly songs together during long drives in the van. These are the moments that glue us together, that keep us going through the bigger, tougher times. And it is these small moments of family that give Laurie Berkner’s CD Waiting for the Elevator a sense of warm fuzzies.

Waiting for the Elevator CD by Laurie Berkner


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Songs on Waiting for the Elevator

Waiting for the elevator isn’t anyone’s favourite activity. Add some impatient kids to the mix and it’s even less fun. Laurie Berkner transforms that experience with her title song, “Waiting for the Elevator.” With a catchy tune (that slows down through the middle of the song as we’re still waiting), Laurie imagines what would happen if something surprising came out of the elevator… like a cow or an alligator!!! This song makes Pearl laugh out loud with delight as each new animal is mentioned.

“I Love You Daddy” and “A Hug From My Mama” celebrate the relationship of parents and children. Like most of Laurie’s songs, these two are written from a child’s perspective, with that simple trusting attitude every child has. “I Missed You” is a beautiful song about a child returning to a parent after being at daycare or with a babysitter. It celebrates both the caregivers (“when you’re gone, there are… people who love me here too”) and the special bond between mother and child that can cause separation anxiety.

“Laurie Berkner does what Fred Rogers did: respect, validate and reassure young children.” ~ Los Angeles Times

The girls’ favourite song on the album has to be Track 7. Yes, they memorize which number their favourite song is so that they can request it! “Chipmunk at the Gas Pump” is classic Laurie Berkner, with spunky music that you’ll want to sing along to and a tune that leaves you tapping your toe or clapping your hands. It’s got a fun story about pumping gas (another common family activity!) and a zany star to make kids laugh.

Two songs on Waiting for the Elevator immortalize classic childhood games. “Come Out Come Out” and “Piggyback Ride” are about these activities we’ve all done, as kids or parents. It was easy to picture a child’s delight and anticipation as mom or dad search the house and then find the hider. Right now, 2-year-old Joey frequently asks for piggy back rides so this could be his theme song.

Several of the songs have an educational theme. “A Dollar” helps kids remember which coins add up to a dollar. “12 Months” is a catchy song about the months of the year. “Look at All the Letters” is a new twist on the alphabet song. These are all themes Pearl is doing in preschool right now, so this album has been a perfect compliment to her sit-down schoolwork.

At the beginning of 2019, I chose a word to represent what I wanted to strive for this year. The word was ‘growth.’ In that spirit, I wrote the songs on Waiting For The Elevator about various forms of growth that are part of a child’s development, like exploring and learning about feelings, movement, letters, numbers, colors, months, games, and relationships. I hope these songs help elevate simple, everyday experiences to be more special and worthy of celebration, like … waiting for the elevator! ~ Laurie Berkner

This entire album is bursting with family, with the moments shared by families, whether they’re waiting for the elevator or stopping at the gas pump. While most of the songs are sung from the child’s perspective, it’s easy to picture the entire family there, included in the music. We first discovered Laurie in Superhero and I was delighted to have another Laurie Berkner CD to add to our collection.

Whether you’re an old Laurie Berkner fan or you’ve never heard her music before, you’re sure to love Waiting for the Elevator!

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Laurie Berkner

Laurie Berkner is a singer, songwriter, lyricist, author, and founder of Two Tomatoes Records, LLC. Laurie’s albums, released on her own Two Tomatoes label, have been best sellers on a chart typically dominated by movie soundtracks and major label compilations. With an average of nine million monthly streams and millions of albums, songs, and DVDs sold, Laurie’s songs have become beloved classics for children worldwide. Her top five music videos have garnered more than 32 million views on YouTube.

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