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I’ve often thought that homeschooling now is so much easier than when I was a homeschool student. There are just so many more resources available to homeschool moms. Techie Homeschool Mom’s Online Unit Studies are an excellent example of this. Via the computer, my girls can access her fun, interactive online unit studies and learn about a variety of subjects from science to history to art.

Interactive online unit studies homeschool courses by the Techie Homeschool MomThis post contains affiliate links; all opinions expressed are my own.

Why Unit Studies?

Unit studies are a great way to teach multiple grades at the same time. Sunshine and Lily are currently in grades 3 and 2, but by doing unit studies, I can cover the same subject with both of them. (And Jade, in preschool, is often listening and watching as well.)

This makes our school more interactive, as they both participate and offer ideas. It also saves me time, as I’m covering one subject once, instead of teaching it to each of them.

Unit studies allow you to pursue your child’s interests. You can cover multiple subjects in one topic, harnessing your child’s passions to help him or her learn. I like this because I feel like it more naturally mimics real life. Most of life isn’t segmented into sections as school is.

An interactive online unit studies can cover all aspects of a topic, showing how math, history, science, reading and other subjects all intertwine.

Online Unit Studies can be completed on a variety of devices.

The Benefits of Interactive Online Unit Studies

Interactive online unit studies help parents harness the educational power of technology. Using the computer also eliminates the need for textbooks and workbooks, which can be costly (and take up a lot of space).

Many of the projects happen on the computer, such as creating a Canva presentation or collage to demonstrate learning. This also teaches kids useful tech skills. Plus, presentations can be saved and easily sent to homeschool teachers to demonstrate what they’ve learned!

I know there’s tons of information available online for my kids, but I don’t have the time to sift through it to make sure that the information is reliable or high-quality. Beth has done all the prep work, making these unit studies super easy for busy homeschool moms. Each unit study contains a curated list of great resources. These include articles, videos and assignments, helping children process information and apply their learning in multiple ways.

Our Experience with Online Unit Studies

One week, I felt rather tired and down. We were doing the bare minimum for school—mostly what I could read to the girls or assign for them to do on their own. Then I remembered Techie Homeschool Mom’s Online Unit Studies. In a couple minutes, I’d logged onto the computer, found the website, and opened the Ancient Egypt unit study for the girls.

Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study

They were able to navigate the unit study on their own, while I watched (from the couch). The unit study was broken into bite-sized chunks, with a brief explanation and then a video, assignment, or website to explore. Sunshine loved the interactive websites, where she was able to try building a pyramid or answer quizzes about various pharaohs. She and Lily took turns reading and doing the exercises together, or helping each other out.

We studied ancient Egypt last year as part of our history curriculum. I found this was a good addition to what we’ve covered before. The videos and online materials that Beth has curated really added to our understanding of this period of history.

For example, we’d read about papyrus in one of our history books. I didn’t really understand how a plant got turned into paper until we saw a video demonstrating the process. It was fascinating to watch the plant get chopped, soaked, and woven into a paper-like sheet. The Egyptians sure were creative!

When Sunshine and Lily completed each page, they clicked on a button to go to the next page. It was thus easy to track their progress through the unit study. Each day, they’d open the unit study and pick it up where they left off. History has always been their favourite subject. They finished the Ancient Egypt unit study in a week (and probably would have gone faster if I’d given them more time to do it!).

We’ve also done the Famous Artists Volume 1 unit study, which was just as much fun!

Meet Beth, aka the Techie Homeschool Mom

Beth is a homeschooling mom with five children, ages 18 to 8. She has a degree in secondary education and has been designing curriculum for her kids for thirteen years. She first created her unit studies for her own kids, as a way to organize the resources she found for them to study. When other homeschooling families asked to use these resources, her interactive online unit studies were born.

Online Unit Studies

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Do you use unit studies in your homeschool? Have you tried online resources or unit studies before?

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