How Guest Blogging Can Help Your Blog Become Popular

In a post that feels somewhat ironic, Guy is guest blogging for me today about guest blogging.

Guest blogging.

I’ve heard about it, but never tried it till the last couple of months.

My story and its results make up the heart of this article.  If you are even remotely interested in reaching the world with your message, then this is one piece you’re not going to want to miss.

How Guest Blogging Can Help Your Blog Become Popular

What Is Guest Blogging?

The act of guest blogging happens when you reach out to another website or blog, requesting the opportunity of creating content for them.

This is good for you because you can gain a backlink from their site.  Even better if you are both within the same niche or topic. Your results from this activity improve more if their domain authority (DA) is higher than yours.

Okay, but why would a webmaster be interested in allowing you to guest blog for them?

Many reasons, including their ability to secure quality content without having to pay for it.  This presupposes that you will be creating the type of content that they will be pleased to share on their site:

  • grammatically correct
  • no spelling errors
  • informatively engaging

Can you think of other qualities that make for a great article a total stranger would be excited about posting on their site?  Please share your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments below and then come back to hear my personal story in this matter.

My Guest Blogging Testimonial

I’ve been on the Web for a very long time.  I’d say I was among the first adapters of its technology. Unfortunately, that does not include massive success, though I have had a good share of it.

My problem has been the shiny object syndrome where I always find myself running after something new.  That ended about 90 days ago.

That’s when I launched my WordPress blog and started writing daily for it.  For the first 30 days, my entire focus was on creating content for it.  While I do still create content, it is not at the pace or level that I was doing previously.

That’s because I knew the next stage had to be focused on external links.  That’s when I got into a conversation with a friend of mine wherein the power of guest blogging was brought to the table. I decided to give it a go.

It has been 30 days and I’ve been writing an average of 2 blogs daily.

The results have been amazing.

On Alexa (a site that webmasters use to assess their position on the web), my site has achieved a global rank of 1,329,000 and a US rank of 400,177 in less than 90 days. While I’m still waiting for organic search results from Google and other engines to kick into high gear, I believe that is coming.

Fringe Benefits of Guest Blogging

What happens when you provide an awesome piece of content, to a niche related site, which their audience members will love and trust based on the way the piece is written?

First and foremost, the project where your writing appears will gain value and authority in the eyes of the Reader.  This is important because it will cause that site to be even more interested in receiving additional content from you.

But what’s your take away?

How about exposure?  Especially if you are attempting to gain a footing in the area being talked about like I am.  However, even if you are a highly popular entity within that niche, guest blogging expands your reach even further.

For you, both paths are good.

Back to Google’s Involvement

Here’s another point.

It can take a bit of time for Google to start rewarding you as it relates to organic search.  While you’re waiting for Google, what if you have a link that shows up on a high authority site? Even if you’re not ranking yet because you’re new, they are.

That means you can secure exposure from Google on a high domain authority site, which gets you found by their audience—as well as Google—very quickly while you wait for your project to finish getting into position.

Unfolding Golden Opportunities

Okay, you say, I’m convinced. But is there more?

Yes, much more.

What do you think the possibility will be of you and the person you are creating the guest post for doing more together as they get to know you and what you provide?

As it relates to guest blogging, that’s a no brainer. However, this can also be the door opener to joint ventures and other activities that can further build your credibility and/or income earning opportunities.

What waits down that trail is limited only by your imagination.

Concluding Thoughts About Guest Blogging

Now you know the why of my guest blogging pursuits.

The how can start by Googling [niche] + guest blogging. If you only want to guest blog for free sites (that’s what I do and recommend), then add the word “free” to your search.

Have you had the opportunity of trying guest blogging for yourself? What has been your experience? What has worked? What didn’t?

Share your thoughts, ideas and experience in the comments below.  And if your just getting started feel free to ask questions or seek advice that will lead to your own efforts resulting in massive success that you desire and deserve.

Guy Siverson is an Author, Blogger and Online Marketer. He has been a celebrated Online Marketer since the early 90s. Guy’s greatest joys are his family, friends and helping educate, inspire and motivate others by writing, coaching & speaking engagements targeting success in entrepreneurial careers of others.

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