Two Homeschool Students Share Their Experience

Every month I join the Canadian Homeschooling Bloggers to talk about various homeschooling topics. This month, our theme is the Student Voice. Lisa invited us to ask our kids about homeschooling or have them guest post for us. Here’s what Lily and Sunshine had to say when I asked them about being homeschool students.

Two Homeschool Students Share Their Experience (two girls hold a book over their heads)

Grade 1 Homeschool Student: Lily

“My teacher is my mom because it’s homeschool. My mom orders my school books. I like history and geography.

Homeschooling is at our house, so there’s no funny school noises. We don’t have to pack backpacks. We can have fresh food from the refrigerator for snacks and lunch. We don’t have to change our shoes to school shoes. We don’t have to be awake when everyone else is napping [as Lily had to do at the daycare she attended while Sunshine was in Kindergarten].

We still go on field trips even though we’re homeschooled. I like going to the zoo and the aquarium.”

Taking notes about animal habitat, eating habits, and more at the Vancouver Zoo.

Grade 2 Homeschool Student: Sunshine

“My mom plans stuff for me to do, like gymnastics and violin lessons and dance classes. I like geography and reading.

Sunshine playing violin

We can wake up at whatever time we want. We don’t get our own desks; we work at the table.

There aren’t many friends unless we have a playdate. But we get to have long playdates with homeschool friends because we don’t have to wait for them to get out of school.”

The Preschooler: Jade

“I like gymnastics.”

3-year-old at gymnastics

Other Homeschooling Perks

Homeschool camp is a highlight of our summer. Lily likes going for walks in the woods and the girls all like listening to stories read by Mrs. C. They both said they like to sleep in tents during camp. Lily likes the hike to the Cougar Caves, which involves going through tunnels and climbing down cliffs.

Sunshine says the talent show at the end of camp is her favourite. Two years ago, she and Lily did some Highland Dancing for the talent show and last year Sunshine sang a song with a friend who played the piano. Lily tried to sing but got stage fright.

What would your kids say about their homeschool experience?

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