Lost My Name: a personalized storybook for kids

All of my girls love reading. Sunshine can now read to her younger sisters, but I often catch even Jade sitting by herself on the couch, paging through a book. I love those quiet moments when they’re engrossed in the story. I know this reading adventure only gets better from here for them. So I was really excited to order Lost My Name for each of them.

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name book

Lost My Name is a personalized book based on the letters of your child’s name. You can choose from three different girl or boy figures for your child’s book. (I just used the same girl for each of my daughters, as they all look alike anyway!) Then, enter your child’s name to create an adventure just for them! Each letter has a fun character, real or mythical, who interacts with the figure representing your child, and gives them one letter from their name.

Lost My Name book - Chameleon page

The girls were so excited when their books arrived in the mail. They tore into the boxes and eagerly sat down to look through their books. Sunshine read hers from cover to cover right away… and it’s a pretty long book! Each of our girls has six letters to their real names, but each letter has two pages of story to it. (So a child with a longer name gets quite the adventure!) The story is rhymed, making it lots of fun to read.

One thing I liked when I ordered the books was that the website recognized some similar letters in Sunshine’s and Lily’s name. I ordered their books together and when I typed in Lily’s name, it asked me if I’d like to change some of the characters so that they didn’t have the same story. I figured they would each like to have their own adventure, so I agreed and the characters they meet in their stories changed.

Comparing two letters in the Lost My Name Books: I is for Imp and Inuit

Even if you are ordering a book for just one child, you can pick the characters you want in their book. For example, for “E,” you can pick an Elk, Elephant or Eagle for your child to meet. (Some other letters have only two characters.) And if your child already has two letters in their name, then the website automatically uses two different characters (for example, “David” meets at Dragon at the start of his adventure and a Donkey at the end of it).

Two of my girls have unique or rarer spellings for their names, so I love being able to order them personalized products like this. They’ll never find their name on a hairbrush or toothbrush at a grocery store (like their oldest sister can), but they have a book that’s written just for them. And I love the fact that the website makes it easy to personalize it even further, if you have multiple kids of the same gender (like we do!).

These books would make an awesome Christmas or birthday present for a special child. They are intended for kids from 2 to 6, but of course, kids of any age would enjoy a story about themselves. Sunshine is 7 and there are quite a few big words in the book, so I’d say that the books are appropriate even for slightly older kids.

I received these three books for review courtesy of Lost My Name; all opinions expressed are my own.

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