Decorate a Tin Can

One of my favourite crafts makes use of recycled materials—tin cans and scrap fabric. The possibilities are endless with this craft, depending on what size of tin can you use. We’ve used tuna cans for the craft, and I now use these decorate cans to hold USB cords at the computer, our family rosaries, and some odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else.

Decorate a tin can

Supplies needed:

  • tin cans
  • fabric scraps, ribbons, etc.
  • glue

Cost: $5

Difficulty: intermediate (suitable for kids 5+)

For the full instructions and more pictures, pop over to my post at Untrained Housewife.

Your kids could decorate a tin can for a friend or relative for so many occasions, from teacher appreciation to Father’s Day. Tin cans could be used to hold pencils, keys, flowers, coins, and so much more, depending on their size. Best of all, you know it’s not breakable!

Remember, if you decorate a tin can or do any of the other crafts in this series, I’d love to see your pictures! Post them to my Facebook page or tag me on social media. Have fun and be creative!

31 Days of Useful Kids' Crafts

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