My Non-Maternity Maternity Wardrobe

Being on my fourth pregnancy should mean that I have lots of maternity clothes (and everything else I need for baby). However, when I pulled down my box of maternity clothes, I found myself putting most of them back up in the closet.

There were the dress shirts I’d worn when I worked in an office during Sunshine’s pregnancy, and haven’t put on again since. There were the black pants and tops I wore when I worked in Starbucks during Lily’s pregnancy, and haven’t put on again since. There were the baggy T-shirts that I wore when I was a student not bound by a dress code during Jade’s pregnancy, and haven’t put on again since. And then there were the nice long-sleeved maternity shirts that I got during my last pregnancy, which didn’t work for a summer pregnancy.

So for the first thirty weeks of this pregnancy, I’ve found myself being very creative with my regular clothes and wearing mostly non-maternity wear while pregnant. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who’s faced this dilemma about what to wearing with a burgeoning belly, so I though I’d share some pictures of what’s worked for me this summer.

A purple skirt-and-tank-top maternity outfit

Top: Reitman’s

Skirt: Jockey Person-to-Person

Why it works: I love this tank because it’s soft and drapey and long, and has lots of stretch. The skirt has an elastic waistband which I simply wore around my hips rather than at my waist.

Black skirt-and-tank-top maternity outfit

Top: SWS

Skirt: Jockey Person-to-Person

Why it works: This tank top is more fitted, but is long enough to go around my big belly. The skirt is the same as the purple skirt above (if it works, buy it in all colours!) and these two outfits can be mix-and-matched too if I don’t want to be monochromatic.

Maternity shorts and T-shirt

Top: Zoe Clothing

Shorts: Old Navy

Why it works:  This top does fit skinny, but has lots of length and stretch so I’ve been able to keep wearing it. The shorts are low-waisted and have a tie so I can adjust them as needed.

Modeling non-maternity clothes at 30 weeks pregnant

Top: Suzy Shier

Capris: Reitman’s

Why it works: I’ve had this top since I was pregnant with Sunshine. High-waisted tops were in style that summer and work well with a pregnant tummy.  This top also has good stretch and I like it enough that I didn’t put it away in my maternity box after Jade was born. These capris have a slightly higher waist and are now a bit tight, but I just kinda rolled the waistband under my tummy.

Pregnant mom wearing a baggy T-shirt and capris

Top: Fabulous Tees

Capris: Reitman’s

Why it works: Okay, sometimes I still resort to the baggy T-shirt, but these days I make sure it’s a fabulous tee. The capris are among my favourite whether I’m pregnant or not; because they are low-waisted, I’ve been able to keep wearing them this summer (as long as I pair them with a long shirt).

There you have it—a few of my non-maternity maternity clothes!

Photos taken by Sunshine. This post is not sponsored in any way; all opinions expressed are my own.

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