Homeschool Interview: Mindy, Dental Assistant

Today I’m happy to introduce another homeschool graduate to you. I knew Mindy through other homeschoolers growing up and recently reconnected via Facebook with her. I enjoyed hearing more about Mindy’s homeschooling experience and I hope you do too!

Mindy, dental assistant and homeschool graduate

TKM: First, tell us a bit about yourself.

Mindy: I am 30 years old, have been married for over 9 years and we are expecting our first child in the early fall of this year! I am a Registered Dental Assistant and have been working at the same office for over 10 years. I love music, I sing, play piano and drums and am a part of the worship team at my church. I enjoy being active, traveling, cooking, and the company of my 3lb Pomeranian.

TKM: How many years (or what grades) were you homeschooled?

Mindy: I was homeschooled from Kindergarten all the way through to grade 12. I did however attend Spruce Grove Composite High School for one semester of Grade 12 for Biology 30 and Chemistry 30.

TKM: What was a typical homeschooling day like for you?

Mindy: In elementary, I would typically start my school at 8:30 and would work fairly non stop until 12pm. Then I would get the rest of the afternoon off for field trips, extra curricular activities and such. Into junior high and high school, my school days lengthened until roughly 3-4pm, but I wouldn’t have any homework in the evenings.

TKM: Did you like homeschooling or did you wish you could go to public school?

Mindy: I had a very positive experience with homeschooling and don’t feel that I missed out on anything that public school had to offer that I wasn’t already getting.

TKM: Were you involved with other homeschoolers or a local homeschool group?

Mindy: I was involved with the Parkland Home Educators group.

TKM: What did you do after Grade 12?

After grade 12 I attended NAIT and became a Registered Dental Assistant and have been working as one for the past 11 years.

TKM: Do you feel that homeschooling helped your post-high school goals?

Mindy: Absolutely—it taught me to be self motivated, learn and think for myself, set goals and accomplish them, and to have a high standard of work ethics, integrity, and team-work.

TKM: If you could change something about your homeschooling experience, what would it be?

Mindy: I would have liked to learn another language such as French or Spanish.

TKM: What was your favourite part of homeschooling? Your least favourite part?

Mindy: My favourite part of homeschooling would have to be all the wonderful friendships I made along the way that lasted longer than just “high school” and all the lasting memories we made together. I honestly can’t think of what my least favourite part would be.

TKM: Are you planning to homeschool your children? Why or why not?

Mindy: We haven’t officially decided what we would do with our children’s education as we haven’t come to that path yet. I am not opposed to either option—it will most likely come down to our financial situation and if my not working is a viable option for our family.

TKM: Do you have anything else to add?

Mindy: There are so many wonderful things about homeschooling—but most of the outcome/experience is up to how much effort the parent(s) put in. Homeschooling certainly isn’t for the parent looking for the easy way out. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication on everyone’s part—but well worth the investment.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Mindy!

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