Fun and Useful Kids Craft Ideas

My girls are always asking me if they can do a craft. And most of the time, I’m happy to help them find a craft and get creative. The problem is… what do we do with their toilet paper / egg carton / cardboard box creations when they’re done creating and playing?

So I’ve been coming up with ideas for fun and useful crafts they can make. Crafts we can use ourselves or give to grandparents or family members at Christmas. Without further ado, here are a few ideas:

Fun and Useful Kids Craft Ideas

Easy DIY Wall Art Project for Kids Rooms by BC Mom (I love this idea! The girls got a couple canvases for Christmas and I found others at the dollar store. Plus before Christmas I also had them painting some wooden hearts. Just need to pick a saying and add vinyl letters now!)

DIY Wall Art Project for Kids' Rooms

Jade’s Felt Quiet Book by myself (I found several ideas online and came up with a few of my own, then spent a couple days cutting and gluing felt to create a little book for my two-year-old to play with.)

Hand-sewn Monster Craft by Kids Activities Blog (Sunshine has been asking me to teach her how to sea and this looks like a fun way for her to learn! She could either keep the toy after or give it to one of her young cousins or a friend.)

Decorative Tin Can Craft by myself (We have several of these and I use them to hold rosaries, phone charging cables, and random little things on my desk. Very useful!)

Decorative Tin Can Craft for kids

Scrabble Tile Keychain or Backpack Tag by Kids Activities Blog (A great idea for birthday party favours or a gift for friends or family members!)

Matted Picture Craft by 5 Minutes for Mom (This craft just requires some picture matting or a frame, paint, and stickers, yet would be a great gift for Grandparents’ Day or Father’s Day!)

Faith that Sticks Arts and Crafts

Glitter Glue Cards & Frames by myself (We used glitter glue to create cards, picture frames and name tags… my mom still has her name tag on her door!)

Glitter Glue Name Tags

Rainbow Sugar Scrub by Kids Activities Blog (Easy to make and a great gift for anyone! My girls love bath supplies—and I like the fact that it’s all natural and you can add essential oils.)

What is your favourite kids’ craft ideas? And what do you do with your kids’ creations when they are finished making them?

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