6 Canadian Bloggers talk about Blogging: What they do & what they earn

I often get asked what I do when I meet someone new.  When I say that I’m a blogger, the general reaction I receive is confusion. While blogs have exploded over the past few years, there are still many people who don’t know what a blog is or what a blogger does.  I try to explain it by comparing a blog to a magazine—I basically write and edit and manage an online magazine. I find contributors and advertisers and topics and then market it all as well.

I’ve seen many of my blogging friends talk about what they do as well, so I thought it would be fun to put all these posts together. Here, six of my fellow Canadian bloggers talk about blogging—what they do and why they do it and what they earn doing it.

6 Canadian bloggers talk about blogging

What is a Blogger?

Sandi of Canadian Blog House talks about the many hats a blogger wears in What is a Blogger?

Deanna of Maple Leaf Mommy shares some of her confusion in monetizing her blog and learning to work with brands and PR firms, asking What Is the Worth of a Blogger?

“As every other blogger out there knows, running a blog is actually a lot of hard WORK.  It can be fun, it can be rewarding (both financially, and in the sense of community building), but it is tons of work. There is actually a lot of back end stuff that goes on, that no one ever sees. Coding, HTML, SEO, photo editing, button ad creation, emails back and forth with product reps and other bloggers, etc, etc. If you stop and figure out your rate of return vs the number of hours spent working on the blog—well, I don’t know about you, but for me the numbers are depressingly low. Yet, I still do it, because it is FUN, interesting, and challenging.” ~ Deanna

I share why I write and more about My Blogging Process here.

Canadian Bloggers and Brands

Jennifer of Mom vs. the Boys asks What? Hi-res images won’t by my groceries?

Paula of Thrify Momma’s Tips wants to know On what planet is toothpaste compensation for work?

Kim of Tales of a Ranting Ginger explains what a product review is (and how much work goes into it) in Giving me FREE Stuff? This is NOT a Review.

Paula also provides some feedback for brands with Before You Ask Bloggers to Write for Free… 

Paula shares more about brands and bloggers working together in 5 Reasons Your Blog Outreach Program is a Fail.

“Bloggers aren’t perfect but many are professional writers, marketers and influencers. They are unique individuals with a unique asset in a digital marketing world.” ~ Paula

6 Canadian bloggers talk about blogging: what they do & what they earn

Bloggers and Public Relations

Kerry of SAHM Media writes an Open Letter to Bloggers and PR Professionals, explaining the difference between “earned” and “paid” media.

What Do Canadian Bloggers Earn?

Paula shares some tips from a panel at the She’s Connected Conference on Rate Cards, Guidelines, and Disclosure.

Melanie from MBA Mama Musings adds some thoughts on why bloggers should always offer an honest disclosure about product reviews and paid posts to their readers in Why Your Site Wide Disclosure Is Really Not Enough.

Kim explains that her blog is her job and asks other bloggers to respect that in Stop Undervaluing Other Bloggers.

Finally, in this post I share some of the different ways of Making Money Blogging.

To read what other bloggers have to say about their blogs and blogging, check out my Behind the Blog series.

What about you? Are you a blogger or a blog reader? How do you feel about blogs, bloggers, and making money via blogging?

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