PinkBlush Maternity Sells Nursing Wear too!

nursing maxi dressSometimes, when I’m in the closet putting away my husband’s shirts, I catch sight of my dresses.  The cute little black dress that is oh-so-comfy, the summer green dress I sewed before we got married, the purple dress I wore on one of our first dates… because I can’t wear dresses when I’m pregnant or nursing, and that’s been my state for the better part of the last five years.

The other day, I remembered that PinkBlush maternity sells nursing wear as well as maternity clothing In a couple of clicks, I was on their website, checking out the tops.  And the dresses.  Yes, they had nursing dresses.  The Black Beige Tye-Dye Maxi dress caught my eye.  Maybe I’m a bit behind in the fashions, but I’ve seen lots of maxi dresses this summer and thought they looked cute.  So I decided to try it out.

When my package came in the mail (very quickly, as usual!), I couldn’t wait to try my dress on.  It was super soft and comfy and slipped right over my head.  Right away I was impressed by the fact that it was long—the skirt fell to my ankles.  Lily kept coming up to me to give me hugs, saying, “It’s soft!”  The top was super easy for nursing Jade.

I wore the dress on Sunday to church and to a family potluck in the evening and got tons of compliments on it (though that might be in part because I hardly wear dresses as I explained above!).  For church, I wanted something extra to cover-up while nursing, so I dug through my closet to find a black wrap/scarf.  This also made the dress a bit warmer for the rainy fall day.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, check out PinkBlush Maternity.  They just released their fall collection and have a great selection of dresses and tops in cool colours (and most of them are on sale!).  You can check out my review of PinkBlush maternity top (which I plan to wear again when I’m not nursing—it’s just a bit long to nurse in but would otherwise fit any figure because of its stretch).

maternity maxi dress

Dress was provided by PinkBlush Maternity for my review; all opinions expressed are my own.

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