Beautiful Birth Announcements from Minted.com

When Sunshine and Lily were born, we sent out an email announcement and shared the news on Facebook.  I was too busy with the new baby to think about birth announcements, though I admired the cute announcements several friends sent me when their babies were born. Just before Jade’s birth, I came across the birth announcements at Minted.com.  Right away, I knew I wanted to do that to share the news of her arrival.

There was just the little problem of picking the right card…

This vintage design caught my eye, with all its pretty flourishes (affiliate links ahead):

 Or this one, with its fun way of displaying all the information everyone wants to know:

This one also caught my attention, because baby feet are so cute:

All of the cards can be customized by colour (pink or blue, whether you have a boy or girl, and sometimes purple or orange or other colours are available too).  The cards come as either a simple postcard design or as a folded card.

I like the folded card with its extra options for pictures inside.  I think I’ll include pictures of Sunshine and Lily in Jade’s birth announcement, because they are so excited about their little sister and love helping out with her and holding her.

I also like the two different layouts for the pictures inside the card.  These seem to be the same for all the cards; the font matches the cover, but otherwise the layout and design is similar.  Either way, there are lots of options to include extra pictures of baby or baby and family and details of the baby’s birth.

Another cool idea is to send out birth announcement magnets.  When Sunshine had her preschool pictures done last year, we ordered picture magnets for all her grandparents.  I stick most wedding and baby pictures to our fridge anyway, so having the picture already on the magnet makes it even easier to do that.

If you’re looking for a special way to share your special news, check out Minted’s Foil Stamped birth announcements.

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