A Soother Sequel

I stared at my computer screen, then at the story laying beside my keyboard, and tried to think of what else I should tell the author to help her revise her story.  Just outside the den door, the girls played with their stuffies and strollers.  As I put my hands back to my keyboard, a wail arose from Lily.  I drew in a deep breath when Sunshine responded with a wail of her own.  I glanced at the clock.  4 pm.

Instead of trying to sort out who’d done what, I asked, “Do you girls want to go for a walk?”

The wailing stopped.  Then enthusiastic shouts erupted and they made a beeline for the door.  We all needed to get out of the house.  I was going cross-eyed from staring at the computer and they were getting bored with each other’s company.  Lily had been resisting all attempts to be put down for a nap lately, but perhaps she’d fall asleep on a walk.

I saved my file, turned off the computer, and followed them down the hallway.  In a few minutes, we’d found socks, donned coats, and stepped outside.  I lifted Lily into the Ergo and put Sunshine in the stroller and we set off down the path.  Within five minutes of walking and sucking her soother, Lily was fast asleep.  Sunshine talked for about ten minutes longer, commenting on the passing scenery and the joggers and the birds we saw, and then also fell silent.  I kept up my speed-walk pace, steering her stroller around mud puddles and over curbs, and enjoyed the silence and fresh air.

As we came around the last corner of the trail, Lily woke up and began howling.  Her soother had disappeared.  I had no idea how long ago it had fallen out of her mouth, so I wasn’t going back for it.  Sunshine began whining as well, and I told them, “We’re almost home.  Just hang in there.”

They didn’t want to trade places, so I kept walking, now feeling like whining myself.  At home, I got them snacks and started making supper and thought about the soother problem.

We had two other soothers in the house (pictured above), but Lily refused to use them.  She had one favourite soother—the one I’d bought when I melted her other soothers—and that was the only soother she’d accept.  I’d noticed, in the months before losing this soother, that she was using it much less.  It stayed on top of the wardrobe by her crib, and most nights she went to sleep by nursing and didn’t even use the soother.  So maybe it didn’t matter that the soother was gone.

That was about a month before Christmas.  Other than one night with Daddy, when Lily wanted her soother and he couldn’t find it because I’d forgotten to mention it got lost (clearly I wasn’t very worried about it), she hasn’t really missed it.  Even when Grandma gave her a soother at Christmas, Lily just looked at it.

In a way, I find myself relieved it didn’t turn into the big fight we had with Sunshine to get rid of her soother.  In other ways, it makes me notice how much my baby girl is growing up.

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