Little Green Pouch (Review)

Over the last few years, I’ve tried a variety of snacks for my daughters on our road trips and in their school lunches.  One of the things I don’t like about some snacks is the extra packaging—and the cost of that individual packaging.  When we stop for a break on the road or they get home from school, I find myself cleaning up wrappers and garbage.

This year, as both my daughters are in school, I’ve been trying to find less wasteful options.  The Little Green Pouch, a reusable food bag for babies, big kids and grownups, is a great solution.

The girls were just as excited as I was when our package came in the mail.  They wanted to try the pouches right away, but I said we had to wash them.  I was happy that the pouches are dishwasher safe, so I lined them up on the top rack, dropped the lids in with the cutlery, and turned it on.  I’ve since washed the pouches by hand as well and either way, they are easy to clean.

The Little Green Pouch is easy to fill.  I used the collapsible funnel to fill the pouch with applesauce for Sunshine’s lunch and a spoon to fill it with yogurt (a bit thicker) for myself.  The funnel was easier and less messy than the spoon, but it wasn’t hard to give the pouch a quick wipe after filling it with yogurt.  The top sealed easily and tightly, leaving me no concerns about dropping it into my daughters’ lunch kits (unlike certain packaged apple sauces, which have had a tendency to break and make a mess…).

The Little Green Pouch website has some great ideas for smoothies that I want to try for my daughters.  They love smoothies, but these are harder to pack in their lunches—unless I have a Little Green Pouch!  I’m excited about using the Little Green Pouches to add some variety and healthy options to their lunches—and to help me save money on groceries, because now I can buy snacks like apple sauce in bulk and simply pour it into their pouches for lunches.

One little caution… if you do start using Little Green Pouches, you may have to explain your efforts to go green to your children (or their teachers).  I sent a Little Green Pouch in Lily’s lunch to daycare and it didn’t come home with her.  Her teacher assumed it was garbage and threw it out.  Despite the fact that it clearly says “reusable food pouch” on it and had her name on it.

For more information about the Little Green Pouch, drop by their website or follow them on social media.  Right now several of their kits are on sale.  They also sell accessories for filling and cleaning the pouches and extra lids.

I received a package of Little Green Pouches and a funnel for review; all opinion expressed are my own.  Photos are from the Little Green Pouch website (’cause it’s hard to fill a pouch and take pictures too).


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    I love reusable pouches! Such a great idea! I put homemade applesauce in Little One’s lunch and she brings it to school like that (in the pouch). That or a yogurt smoothie!

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      Yes, these are great for smoothies too, which my girls love! I serve them smoothies at home in their Little Green Pouches and don’t have to worry about the mess. :)

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      I was surprised that when it’s a bigger pouch and a different colour than the disposables, they would throw it out. This pouch is obviously much sturdier, so I’m still disapointed. Lily now knows to put it back in her lunch kit and not let her teacher touch it!

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    These are so cool Bonnie, thanks for sharing. My JKer always comes home with lids missing and his leftover bits all over his lunch bag. I think these pouches would keep things a lot neater.


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      I’ve had no messes since they started using these! Plus you can buy new lids on the website or use the lids off the disposable pouches if they do lost the lids. :)

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    That’s a great idea. Besides being better for the environment, it’s also more cost effective because it’s cheaper to buy a big jar of applesauce or yogurt than to buy the individual ones.

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