8 Appreciation Gift Ideas for Teachers, Co-Workers, and More

Christmas is a time of excitement and fun as we decorate our homes, bake yummy treats, and buy gifts for those around us. However, it can also be a time of stress in trying to figure out what to buy for some people on our lists. What do you get for your kids’ teachers, your co-workers, or the ladies who volunteer with you at church? Maybe your book club wants to organize a Secret Santa or you want a gift to show appreciate to someone who has played a big role in your child’s life, but you don’t know them very well. Here’s a few appreciation gift ideas to get you started.

8 Gift Ideas for those You Appreciate. Photo of woman holding a small gift box by Ben White on Unsplash.

Ladies’ Handkerchief

It’s simple yet thoughtful. A ladies’ handkerchief is both practical and stylish. This small appreciation gift idea can be super helpful for cleaning hands or refreshing the face when immediate washing isn’t an option. It’s a little item that can be a big lifesaver when they need it.

Personalized Award

It’s your turn to give a personalized trophy to acknowledge someone you appreciate. You can enlist the help of others who know this person, from coming up with the text for the engraving on the trophy to holding a small ceremony for it. This tangible show of appreciation can be a thank you for how this person has contributed to your group or community.

Snack Box

From cookies and chocolates to chips and popcorn, you have plenty of delicious options to fill a box of delights for an appreciation gift. Your child’s teacher will probably appreciate a chewy chocolate chip cookie after a stressful meeting or an energy bar to beat the afternoon slump. Curate or buy snack boxes by theme. If possible, find healthy and allergy-friendly options.

Desk Plant

If your co-worker has ever mentioned a love for plants but lacks a green thumb, consider gifting a charming desk plant. A touch of organic life can usher in a breath of fresh air against the backdrop of monotonous office walls and glassy surfaces. Opt for low-maintenance types like the popular money tree or all-time favorite cactus. This way, even with your boss’s busy schedule, the little plant is sure to thrive.

Scented Candle

A scented candle offers a soothing ambiance long after a tiresome day. Consider candles that emit a clean, fresh aroma or even unscented variants that offer relaxing benefits. Scented candles are a popular choice and come in a wide variety, making them an excellent appreciation gift idea.

Foot Care

From one heel wearer to another, share the secrets of pampering your feet (especially for the teacher or volunteer who spends long hours standing). It can be your favorite foot care set that includes a foot soak, foot mask, foot peel, and foot cream. A wooden foot massager is also a nice addition to their home foot spa experience. An anti-blister balm they can use every day and bring anywhere is pretty handy as well.

Mug Warmer

A coffee or tea lover will surely want their drink to stay warm, something a mug warmer can accomplish. It has a heating plate where you place a compatible mug. The device takes up little space on the desk, usually a bit larger than a coffee cup, and can have an automatic shutoff feature lest its forgetten.

Gift Card

Before you say they are too generic, it’s worth considering the variety of gift cards first. There’s a gift card for anything: experiences, classes, books, wines, chocolates, and personal care products. Your child’s teacher’s favorite shop, hobby, or subscription probably has a gift card. Be creative with the presentation, and add a sincere message.

8 Gift Ideas for those You Appreciate. Photo of woman holding a small gift box by Ben White on Unsplash.

Tips Before You Gift

Make your gifts personal, demonstrating that you’ve given thought to the receiver’s personal interests and why you appreciate them. Give what you can afford. While you want to appreciate your child’s teachers or your co-workers, it’s not necessary to break the bank to do so.

All the appreciation gift ideas we’ve shared tick those boxes and make great choices. You’re now more than prepared to select a gift that will be remembered and appreciated.

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