The Cameo by Lorraine Shelstad

The Cameo by Lorraine Shelstad

In 1898, Claire Bromley travels with her companion Dorothea to Italy for her health. In the next month, she learns Italian, tours art galleries and cathedrals, and meets other English travelers enjoying the Italian countryside. When she returns to England just after Easter, she does so with the bloom of first love and an interest […]

The HotWheels FUNdamentals Learning Program Offers Tons of Summer Fun!

Girl playing with the HotWheels car launcher

Last week, a big box arrived at our door. The girls, as usual, were excited about any parcel that shows up and barely let me cut the tape off the box before they were tearing into it. Jade began screeching, “CARS! Cars! Cars!” as soon as she saw the contents, and Sunshine exclaimed, “HotWheels!” as […]

Canadian Catholic Saints

Canadian Catholic Saints

The Catholic Church recognizes fourteen Canadian saints.  These include the Canadian Martyrs as well as four women, a bishop and a religious brother. Here is a brief description of who each of these Canadian Catholic saints were. The Canadian Martyrs These Jesuit missionaries worked with the Hurons in the colonial days of New France.  They […]

How to Survive First-Trimester Exhaustion

Tips for Surviving First-Trimester Exhaustion

With this pregnancy, my morning sickness began at 6 weeks—exhaustion and nausea but no vomiting. I was a bit surprised. I mean, I’ve had morning sickness with all of my pregnancies, so I knew to expect it. What surprised me was how early it started. My husband and I had just barely begun talking about […]

Together With You by Victoria Bylin

Together with You by Victoria Bylin

Every once in a while, I challenge myself to read a book by a new-to-me author. Together with You by Victoria Bylin caught my eye because of the theme of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. I know several children with FASD so I was curious about what I’d learn about it from Victoria’s novel. Carly Mason is […]

Canada Day Activities and Resources

Canada Day Activities and Resources

Canada Day is coming up next week! We usually head out to find the local festivities for this day, but this year we’ll be out-of-province. So I’ve been looking for some Canada Day activities and resources to celebrate with the girls before then. Learn about Canadian money. Collect some pennies and read Susan Harris’ book […]

Visit the Honeybee Centre!

Honeybee Centre in central Surrey

Last weekend, we had the chance to visit the Honeybee Centre in central Surrey for the grand opening of Fry’s Corner Beestro. My husband and I love honey and the girls love any sort of special event, so we were all excited to be heading out there. The Honeybee Centre was easy to find on […]