Ten Years after Hurricane Katrina

Tulane University

On Saturday, a windstorm swept across the coast of BC. Here in Vancouver, I spent the morning keeping an eye on our trampoline, wondering if I should try to tie it down somehow so it wouldn’t blow over. Sirens sounded in the distance. Then our power went out after lunch. I still wasn’t really worried […]

Exactly as You Are: Loving Your Spouse Unconditionally

Loving Your Spouse Uncondtionally: couple having a late-night chat together

Today, contributing writer Anna Eastland is sharing what she learned in a late-night chat with her husband about loving your spouse unconditionally. No matter how well you know your spouse, every now and then you learn something new, like a new skylight opened and illumined a corner of their soul you hadn’t seen before. You […]

St. Raymond Nonnatus

Saint Raymon Nonnatus

St. Raymond Nonnatus is perhaps best-known not for something he did, but for the manner of his birth. He was born in Spain in 1204 via C-section after his mother died trying to deliver him. His name “nonnatus” means “not born,” and as a result he is the patron saint of midwives and obstetricians, expectant […]

Worst Cooks in America

Rachel Ray and Anne Burrell host 7 all-start contestants in the Worst Cooks in America TV series

What’s your favourite sort of TV show? reality shows? dramas? high crime? I like watching reality shows with my husband because we have fun talking about what we’d do if we were on the show. Would you be able to eat that? would you pick challenge A or challenge B and why? Or sometimes it’s […]