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Being a mom is the best job in the world. It’s the only job I’ve worked that hasn’t bored me to tears three months in, leaving me waiting for the next thing to happen. Every day with children is new and different as they grow and learn and discover their world. And yet… every day is also the same. Laundry. Dishes. Toys all over the floor. Tantrums. Schoolwork. Cooking. Shopping.

Some days, I need a reason to pick up the dolls AGAIN and organize another paper craft that’s going to end up in the garbage and plan a meal that will disappear in ten minutes (or get whined at because nobody wants to eat what I spent an hour making).

Catholic Conference 4 Moms is an online event from March 6-9, 2015 for moms to be inspired, encouraged and renewed right at home!

That’s why I’m really excited about the Catholic Conference 4 Moms. This online event is coming March 6th through March 9th (a weekend, so maybe hubby can take the kids out for a few hours so you can watch a session or two). The talks cover everything from faith and families to special needs to mothering in a modern world and more.

Founder Tami Kiser explains all about the conference here:

Tami is a mom to ten children and grandma to five. She’s a part-time teacher at a Catholic school and says, “It is my goal that moms will be encouraged and strengthened through this conference.  It is also my hope, that these presentations can be used in moms discussion groups or the catalyst for new moms discussion groups to form. We all need our Savior, but we also need each other.”

I agree with Tami completely. If I’ve learned one thing as a mom, it’s that moms need other moms. Sometimes, it’s hard to find those moms around us. Maybe you’ve moved recently like I have, or maybe you live in a remote area, or maybe you just haven’t been able to connect with the other moms around you. Hopefully, these online speakers can help to fill that gap of inspiration and encouragement you need as you raise your children.

Drop by the website to register for the conference—it’s completely free! You’ll get an email reminder a few days before the conference. Take some time before the conference to meet the presenters. And make sure you enter to win the prizes offered by some amazing sponsors!

After the conference is over, it will all be available for purchase for only $39.99  This includes online access to the videos, as well as a download of every video presentation.  Plus there will be bonus downloads, PDFs, discussion questions, ebooks, and other goodies. Use code “Koala” when you checkout to get $10 off the price!

You can also find Catholic Conference 4 Moms on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with all the news as the conference approaches.

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