Perfect Threads: Like-New Kids’ Clothes

We’ve been blessed to receive a wealth of hand-me-down clothes for our girls over the past years. My sister-in-law’s daughters are just a bit older (and bigger) than our daughters, so she has often passed along boxes of outgrown shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes. Other friends at church or school have offered us second-hand clothes as well, and my girls are always excited to go through the “new” clothes and see what fits them.

On the rare occasions when they have outgrown something and don’t have new clothes in the box in the closet, we usually hit the second-hand stores first. We like saving money, but I also like the idea that we’re reusing and helping others by buying second-hand. The only problem is that second-hand stores rely on what’s dropped off… so sometimes we have to check two or three stores (or drop by the same store more than once) to find a pair of shoes for the girls, or a good jacket, or whatever else we’re looking for.

Buy like-new kids clothes at Perfect Threads

When I came across Perfect Threads, I loved the idea of an online kids’ used clothing store. Now, instead of making a trip downtown or out to the store to see if they have the item my girls need, I can just check the website quickly. The website is easy to browse, by BOYS or GIRLS and then by the item or size needed. It took me only a few clicks to peruse clothes for all three of my girls.

What I really liked about the site was the Bargain Boxes. Organized by gender and size, these are boxes of clothes for only $12.99. I ordered two boxes for each Lily and Jade (when I looked, there weren’t any boxes in Sunshine’s size, but she also gets most of the “new” clothes around here so I thought it would be fun to get Lily a box for herself). The boxes came very quickly and, even though I’d seen pictures of the clothes on the website, I was still quite impressed by how much was in each Bargain Box. All the clothes were clean and in perfect repair.

You can also earn shopping points at Perfect Threads by sending them your outgrown used clothes. You can request a Clean-Out bag from the website for free (or with your order), then fill it and send it back to Perfect Threads for free. (Please check the website before doing so; at the time of writing this post, their warehouse was full and they weren’t accepting more clothes.) I requested a couple bags with my order because, again, this makes things easier for me. Now, I can fill a bag and drop it off at the post office (since I’m frequently there anyway), instead of having to make that extra trip to the second-hand store.

Perfect Threads is a Canadian company, and they ship anywhere in Canada and the U.S. It was started by a mom who realized the need for an online marketplace where moms could buy, sell, and donate their gently-used kids clothes. Perfect Threads also partners with charities, donating clothes and funds as needed by those charities.

If you have kids from newborn to age fourteen, I encourage you to check out the Perfect Threads website. You’ll want to bookmark the site or follow them on Twitter or Facebook, as they frequently have free shipping deals or other sales.

I received four bargain boxes in exchange for this review; all opinions expressed are my own.

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