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my new glassesWhen I walked into the small classroom and headed toward my usual seat, halfway down the tables and facing the tall bank of windows that overlooked the university theatre, several heads swiveled towards me.

“Hey, Bonnie!  Nice haircut!  I like your glasses!  Those are new glasses, right?  Looks good!”

I smiled.  I hadn’t deliberately planned such a drastic change over the Christmas holidays—it was just time for a haircut and new glasses—but it was fun to see my classmates’ reactions to my new look.

I got my first pair of eyeglasses when I was eleven.  At the time, I was excited about them; I thought they’d make me pretty.  For years, I simply replaced the lenses in my glasses each time my prescription changed.  Then one year the doctor recommended new frames—smaller, lighter frames with plastic lenses.

Trying to find new frames was a pain, as I couldn’t see what was on my face without my prescription glasses.  I remember peering in the mirror, my nose almost at the glass. I had to rely mostly on the opinion of Mom and the optometrist (who’d been helping me with glasses since that very first pair at age 11) to pick a new pair.

Just before university, I went through that hassle again. I ended up picking a practical brown pair of glasses that included clip-on sunglasses over a funky purple pair that looked better.

Before Lily was born, I took advantage of having benefits from Starbucks to get a new pair of glasses.  This time, I wore my contacts and took my husband along. He said I just had to look through the glasses, while he had to look at them.  While Sunshine played with an old pair of frames, I worked my way through the store, trying on frames, putting them back, and getting frustrated as something that looked great on the wall just didn’t suit my face.  The price tags didn’t help—most of the frames were at least double what Starbucks would reimburse me for.

Finally, I put a pair of glasses on and took a look in the mirror, then called my husband over.  When I asked what he thought, he threw the question back at me and I said, “I think I like them.”  He leaned closer, peering at the price tag, and started grinning.  “I think I like them too!” he said.

When I admired my friend Joanna’s glasses at Women of Faith, she told me she’d bought them online.  I had several questions for her about that process, thinking about the hours I’ve spent in stores trying to find a pair of glasses I liked.  How do you try on something online?  When I came across GlassesUSA.com just after Lily broke the arm off my glasses, I decided to check it out.

It was easy to browse through the frames (and get excited over the cheap prices!), bookmark a few to show my husband later, and go do some housework.  I explored at the website a few more times before deciding to buy glasses.  It was easy to order—no pressure from a salesperson trying to talk me into different lenses or extra coatings or other features.  I had time to look at the options available, think about it and discuss it with my husband, and then order.  My glasses came in about a week and, after the usual adjustment period with a new prescription, look and feel great. glasses in a case from GlassesUSA

Besides high quality frames and lenses, GlassesUSA.com offers:
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  • A fun virtual mirror that allows you to “try on” your glasses before you buy them. You can even send the pictures to your friend!

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Disclaimer: This post is a paid advertisement, but the opinions expressed are my own.  I will not recommend anything to my blog friends that I haven’t tried and liked myself.

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