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I feel almost like I’ve forgotten what a computer is. I’m out of touch with blogs, email, and Facebook. So this is what life was like before all of that!

Just before we left on our honeymoon, I updated my Facebook status to say I was “in Alaska on my honeymoon.” One of my friends commented, “What are you doing on a computer on your honeymoon!” I wasn’t, actually. The cruise ship Internet was so expensive we never used it. Not that we needed to or wanted to. There were enough other activities to do. In Whittier, we used a computer long enough to check train schedules and send a note to our mothers about our apartment. As we walked away, I could feel the old addictions grabbing me… go back… see who has emailed you and what’s happening on Facebook… but we didn’t.

Our friends keep asking us, “So, how’s married life?” Well, the first three weeks have been good. We’ve discovered that I can sleep through his snoring and he can sleep through my coughing (I came down with a bad cold). We’re still waiting for life to return to “normal.” This week he is back to work but I am off, trying to restore order to our apartment. I have slowly whittled away at the mountain of wedding presents we got, finding places for everything. We managed to fit two people’s bedrooms into one bedroom, and I’ve been organizing and cleaning. It is no longer an obstacle course to get from one end of the living room to the other, so I guess I’ve made some progress.

It’s the small things that hit me once in a while. I was at Superstore yesterday, developing the pictures from our cruise. After I’d selected all the prints I wanted, the computer asked me for my name. I looked at that for a moment before typing in my new name. I’m still getting used to it. I’ve been slowly working at changing it everywhere – the bank, credit card, driver’s license. It was almost weird on our honeymoon to keep using my maiden name, but that was the name on my passport. Now, I can start using my married name. I’m a Mrs!

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