Three Words to Describe My Fiance

My fiancé and I were sitting together talking late one night when his voice mail alert kept going off. He finally decided to check it. The message was from my best friend, asking him to call her back and not to tell me. I laughed. Not telling me didn’t work very well when I was sitting there listening to the message with him!

The next day, I asked him if he’d returned her call. He had. I was curious about what they were planning, but figured I’d find out soon enough. On Friday, before dashing out the door to a weekend retreat, he quickly checked his email, in case he had to do anything else for my friend before he was gone all weekend.

Three words to describe my fiance

Three words to describe my fiance

On Saturday night all my girlfriends were over for my bridal shower. After sitting around chatting for a while and then having a toilet-paper bride contest, my best friend moved on to her next shower game. It was a test of how well I knew my fiancé. She’d asked him ten questions, and I had to guess what his answers were. The questions ranged from, “What did he want to be when he grew up?” to “Where was he born?”

She also asked, “What are three words he uses to describe you?” I said, “Beautiful” right away, and then remembered that we’d been asked this question at our marriage prep course, and so I gave the answers he’d given then: “Intelligent and capable.” My best friend shook her head. I’d only gotten the first answer right.

The three words he’d used were, “Beautiful, amazing, and ravishing.”

My girlfriends oohed and aahed over that, as did a mutual acquaintance of ours when I told her later. She’d been on the youth group retreat with my fiancé, helping out. She told me he’d spent all weekend talking about me and our wedding plans.

I got thinking later about what three words I’d use to describe him. I can think of way more than three, but if I only used three, what would I use?

Brilliant is the first that comes to mind. We have an ongoing fight about who is smarter, but believe me, he’s way smarter than I am (and I like it that way).

The literal meaning of faithful is the next I think of – full of faith. He’s one of the most godly men that I know. I’ve seen him living his faith and seen the respect that he gets from others for his faith.

And now I’m having a problem deciding between good looking, thoughtful, gentlemanly…

Maybe I’ll just say wonderful.

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