Faith Journeys

I’ve been thinking about journeys this past week. Perhaps because this week is the conclusion of some journeys – the journey through Lent, the journey through Holy Week. As I watched The Passion on Friday, I thought about Christ’s journeys – from heaven to earth, from the stable in Bethlehem to the wedding in Cana, from revered rabbi to crucified criminal, from breaking the gates of Hell to returning to His throne in heaven.

One of my journeys concluded for me this Easter when I joined the Catholic Church. I had been waiting for Easter for a very long time. I’ve been going to a Catholic church for eighteen months now – since I stared thinking about dating my fiancé. I watched last year’s RCIA journeyers as they went through the year and then were baptized and confirmed at Easter. I wanted to be there. But I also didn’t want to jump into the program in the middle of the year. So I waited until last September to start my journey in RCIA.

And yet the journey didn’t really start there. I think back to conversations with my fiancé when we were in university, discussing our faith together. I was impressed by what he knew about what he believed. His example encouraged me to delve deeper into my faith, asking questions about the church I had grown up in, and later, asking questions about the Catholic church as well.

To go further back than that, I remember doing things with my Catholic best friend as we grew up together. There were crucifixes and Catholic books around their house. I went to church a few times with them, saw my friend confirmed and her younger sister baptized. We played quietly in the church while her mother prayed there. They lived their faith and talked about it openly. When I got confirmed in the Lutheran church in grade 6, I asked my best friend’s mom to be my sponsor. Her husband teased me about that this weekend, saying I should have known better.

So Saturday was the end of a journey for me. And yet also the beginning, as I continue to explore and learn about my faith; as my fiancé and I figure out how to practice our faith together; and as we journey towards the final Easter celebration with Christ in heaven.

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