Picture Hanging

We were hanging pictures again this weekend. That may seem like an odd statement, but we are still in the process of hanging pictures. When I moved into the apartment two months ago, my fiancé and I decided that instead of hanging up all of my pictures and then rearranging them when he moved in with his pictures after the wedding, we’d just hang all of our pictures at once. So he brought over his picture collection and we went to work.

An hour and a half later, we hadn’t gotten anywhere. Oh, we’d made a few decisions – a couple little ones in the kitchen, one in the bedroom, one in the hallway – but most of them were still sitting around as we debated where they went. The problem was that we have slightly different opinions about picture hanging. If I held it up against the wall, he said it should be slightly lower. Or a bit to the left. I said it should be centered on this wall. He said it should line up with that other picture on the next wall over. He liked two pictures together on a wall; I said they clashed with each other.

The other problem is that we have slightly differing tastes in art. He doesn’t like watercolours. I don’t like a couple of his pictures. Most of my pictures were done for me by close friends. Most of his pictures are religious art. There are some pictures that we both agree we really like, but it was still hard to decide where to hang them – would it fit better on this wall, or should we put this picture here and that picture over there?

Eventually we put up as many pictures as we could, until we ran out of nails to hang them on. Then the picture hanging ceased for about a month, until we resumed this weekend. We made a trip to Walmart for picture frames first. “Just a quick trip,” he said. A couple hours later, we returned with our booty. Let’s just say we put a lot of thought into which frames go with which pictures. It was great fun to frame the pictures and see how much better they look that way. Then the picture hanging debate resumed…

We’ve decided that the rest of the pictures can wait until after the wedding, when we have the rest of his furniture moved in (and know what wall space is left for pictures) and decide what wedding pictures we want on the wall. Picture hanging remains an exercise in communication and compromise for us. I may not like some of his pictures, but they mean a lot to him, so they will go on the wall. Somewhere. Once we have thoroughly discussed it and completely understand each other’s point of view, have gotten frustrated or mad and forgiven each other, debated the hanging a dozen times, and finally stuck the hook on the wall.

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