Golden Naturals Skin Care Review

When I was in my teens, I struggled with acne.  I’d browse the skin care aisle at the drugstore, reading labels and trying any product that promised to cure my zits.  Nothing really worked and so I’d give up until a new product came along that tried to work miracles.  I had little help from my mom, who didn’t wear make up or worry about her skin at all, and very few friends to ask, so I fumbled along by myself.

Golden Naturals Skin CareWhen I was in university, I finally had a doctor offer to help me with my acne.  He cleared it up and now I deal with only the occasional pimple or outbreak.  However, that didn’t really teach me to take care of my face.  I still found myself randomly trying different soaps and moisturizers, trying to find something I liked.  Then a few weeks ago, I heard about Golden Naturals Skin Care and jumped at the chance to try out their products.

First, Golden Naturals owner and skincare specialist Marinella Nicolosi hosted a Google+ hangout for her blog ambassadors.  Within the first few minutes, I realized that I knew nothing about taking care of my skin—and that needed to change!  I didn’t know what the difference between a cleanser and a toner was or why I should use moisturizer on a daily basis.  And I certainly didn’t know that some commonly used ingredients in skincare products were damaging or even linked to cancer.

Pristine Hydrating Face CreamAfter the hangout, Marinella called each of us to talk about our skin care types.  This has always confused me.  My skin can go from oily to dry and back again, depending in part on the weather (winter is always dry) and the time of month, so I’m never sure what sort of products to buy.  It was almost a relief to explain my skincare issues to Marinella and get her expert advice on how to take care of my face.  She explained that it’s very important to take care of skin and to replace the nutrients in our skin so it doesn’t suffer.

I was so excited to get my Golden Naturals Skin Care products in the mail.  After our consultation, Marinella recommended that I try the Sea Buckthorn Cream Cleanser, the Rose Toner, and the Hydrating Face Cream.  I could feel the difference the first time I used each.  The cleanser left my skin feeling clean and soft in a happy way, not scraped clean and dried out as many other products have.  The toner smelled beautiful and was refreshing to spray onto my face after a wash.  And I liked the way the face cream rubbed into my skin quickly, without leaving me feeling greasy.  All in all, my morning skin care routine took only a minute—perfectly manageable even on a hectic day!

Golden Naturals Skin Care

Marinella uses organic, natural, high-quality ingredients.   During my conversations with Marinella, I was impressed by the research she has put into creating her skin care products.  A lot of this information is also provided on her website—I encourage you to take a look around.  I had heard that the skin is a organ but didn’t really think about the way that the chemicals I use in my skin care products are getting absorbed into my body.


  1. Marinella Nicolosi says

    Thank you so much Bonnie, what a wonderful review!

    I just want to clarify that dry skin is due to a lack of moisture and that with time can cause crack in the skin, which we call wrinkles. Collagen and elastin, on the other end, give elasticity and firmness to the skin, so lack of collagen will result in saggy and wrinkly skin.


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