Three Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs

Following a weight loss program is never easy, especially during holidays when feasting and treats are plentiful. Though you know that the end goal is well worth the effort, it is difficult to keep up unless you can see the results. Most weight loss programs take their time to show the effects, including Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem is delivery diet food program designed to help people shed extra pounds. Even when following Nutrisystem, you might feel as though you aren’t going to reach your weight loss goal. This is the time when you should seek inspiration to keep on going.

3 inspiring weight loss blogs

A mistake many people make is quitting the program. They go out in search of a better way to lose weight. Though there is no guarantee that Nutrisystem will work for you, you have to give it a fair chance to know for sure. One way to rekindle your motivation to continue is to learn how other people achieved success.

Here are three Nutrisystem blogs you can check out:

Meet Charlene Juliani and her wonderful family of 8. She blogs about her six children and her weight loss journey with Nutrisystem. She lost almost 40 pounds in 48 weeks. As you read through her blog posts, from the her first week on Nutrisystem up to the end a year later, you will be encouraged by her determination, her useful tips, her steady progress, her refusal to give up, her pictures along the way, and her videos.

Together with other women, Charlene also explains why she joined Nutrisystem, the challenges she faced, and how her life changed at Weight Loss Triumph.

My Side of Life

My Side of Life has four Nutrisystem success stories to inspire you.  The people who wrote them lost a combined total of 282 pounds. This is a great way to learn about how Nutrisystem works in different ways according to your weight loss needs. Some people lost over 80 pounds and one person only wanted to lose 20 pounds; Nutrisystem worked for all of them equally well.

The Spring Mount 6 Pack

Debi is a married mom of four amazing kids. Her blog focuses on parenting, lifestyle, product reviews and family fan. She lost 36 pounds in seven months through Nutrisystem and says the program taught her portion control: “I have learned that if I want something sweet, I can have it but only in a small amount.”

In addition, she learned how important it is to drink enough water and exercise every day. She has written about things she enjoyed while on the Nutrisystem plan (like the convenience of grabbing a donut or muffin in the morning and not having to cook as she was using Nutrisystem’s prepackaged food), and tips on how to get  Nutrisystem deals. By reading her blog posts, you will realize that it takes time to lose weight, but you can lose it permanently as you learn to eat right.

Have friends, celebrities, or bloggers you read inspired you to lose weight?


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    I have read the spring mount 6 for a while, but I haven’t heard of the others you have mentioned. I am not on a weight loss journey myself, but I know many who are

  2. says

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing these blogs with me. I am dying for some motivation these days. Celebrities don’t inspire me really … just friends and other people like me.

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      Oh, that’s cool you read Debi’s blog. I’ve only just found it myself. I find it so inspiring to read other bloggers who are dealing with struggles similar to mine. :)

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